How should I prepare for my senior portraits?

Traverse City is a fantastic place to have your senior portraits taken! There are many different locations for outdoor shoots, or you can opt to have the more formal studio portraits. I recommend to all the seniors I photograph to bring at least one change of outfits. You’ll also want to be prepared by bringing a hairbrush and – ladies – some make up for touch ups. It is also important to get a good night’s rest the night before your photo shoot so you don’t have that exhausted look! Some seniors bring a friend or two, which is a great idea. Not only do friends have good input about what you look best in, they can help lighten the mood and relax you so you have your most natural smile on for the camera. Also feel free to bring your iPod and listen to any music that you want- your senior portrait session should be fun!

Top! © 2016 Photography by Jenika
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