Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

It seems like everyone has a decent digital camera these days, and as a result some budget crunching brides are forgoing a professional photographer for their wedding and asking a relative to do the duty. Whenever I hear of a couple going this route by stomach does a little flip- and not in a good way. So why is it essential to hire a professional? Let me count the ways:

1. Proper equipment- as a wedding photographer, I arrive with an assistant, multiple lenses, a pile of memory cards, batteries, tri-pods, lens hoods, diffusers, lens filters, a ladder (ask some of my Traverse City beach wedding brides and they can tell you what the ladder is for), and on and on and on with more tech-y gear then you probably care to read about.

2. Back up- we all love technology, when it works. How many times have you seen someone preparing to capture a special moment only to find out their camera won’t work? Dead batteries, full or missing memory cards, or just a mystery system malfunction. My job as a professional wedding photographer is to ensure that your wedding day is captured, beautifully and with no worries, which is why I have back up cameras with me at every wedding.

3. High quality products- a bargain is a good thing but you don’t want your wedding photographs to look cheap. Instead they should look like the fine art pieces they’re meant to be. Professional photographers contract with photo printing companies that are exclusive to professionals for photographs that are high quality and have a satisfaction and life time guarantee. Try getting that level from your local drug store!

4. Love- yes I said it, love. Now this is an important component to wedding photography that some couples don’t realize until it’s too late. This applies not only to the relative or cousin taking a photography class offering to take your wedding photos, but to professional photographers as well. You’ve likely seen it as a guest at a wedding: the grumpy photographer that barks orders, never smiles, does the bare minimum and bolts at the earliest opportunity. I’ve met a few photographers in the “biz” that have even gone so far as to claim they hate weddings and that they’re only in it for the paycheck. GASP! Why in the world would anyone hate weddings? And what a rip off for the wedding couple to employ someone with this attitude! Not only does it bring a rain cloud to the wedding, but it is reflected in the photographs. Personally (beware, shameless self promotion coming up…) I LOVE weddings, absolutely love them. I cry during the ceremony and my cheeks hurt from grinning by the end of the night. My focus is capturing the real moments, and one of the best ways to do this is to make the couple feel relaxed and have fun, sometimes even bursting into laughter during their portraits. This should be the experience for every couple!

I really could go on and on but I think you get the point. You are of course welcome to email me if you’d like to hear more of my ramblings on this subject, but I’m sure you have more important things to do. Like booking your wedding photographer.

Happy planning,
Jenika, PWPE (Professional Wedding Photographer Extradonaire)

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